South Korea debuts air purification vehicle to fight air pollution in Asia

South Korea has developed a new patented technology to combat fine dust and hazardous particles from the air, a persistent problem in many industrialised nations in Asia that has affected the health of millions of people.

Backed by funding from South Korea’s Ministry of Environment, Seoul-based Dwelling Company said its air purification vehicle can remove fine dust and is being eyed for the Asian market, including Southeast Asia where the haze is a recurrent problem for Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia among others.

The ministry, which commissioned the company to make the technology, provided about US$938,711 (S$1.3 million) while the company infused US$512,024 to deliver the project that has now been tested and proven.

Dwelling CEO Jeon Jeong Hwan said the technology is the first to be created in Asia, during a demo at its headquarters in Seoul with press fellowship participants from Asian media under the Kwanhun-Korea Press Foundation (KPF) Press Fellowship in October.

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