‘Stop blaming us’: Surabaya mayor kneels down and cries over rising case number

Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini knelt down on the ground and broke into tears as she held a meeting with doctors and hospital directors in Surabaya amid the spike of Covid-19 cases in East Java’s capital city, which has become Indonesia’s epicentre of the outbreak.

Risma, as the mayor is affectionately known, was holding a meeting with the Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) and local authorities to discuss Covid-19 management at the Surabaya City Hall on Monday.

In the video, which went viral shortly after the meeting, the mayor, known as Risma, was seen kneeling down, crying and apologizing after a pulmonologist from Dr. Soetomo Hospital in Surabaya shared in the meeting that the hospital was overloaded with Covid-19 patients.

The doctor said that the hospital was overwhelmed with patients while also highlighting that there were still many residents of Surabaya who ignored the required health protocol to prevent further transmission of the highly infectious virus.

The statement led to a temporary halt of the meeting as Risma started to kneel down and cry.

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