Surabaya student investigated for so-called ‘sexual mummification’ of multiple victims

Authorities are investigating allegations that a student at Airlangga University (Unair) in Surabaya, East Java, sexually assaulted multiple people after several first-person accounts of the allegations went viral on Twitter.

The accused student, Gilang, allegedly tricked his victims into performing an act known as “bondage mummification” under the pretense of academic research.

The case garnered public attention after a Twitter user with the handle @m_fikris gave an account of his encounter with Gilang, who allegedly claimed to be looking for a research subject for his thesis about “wrappings”.

The user wrote that Gilang persistently begged him to take part in the research, saying he was at risk of failing his studies for not finishing his thesis. Gilang was in his fifth year of university.

“I felt sorry, so I agreed to help. He told me that the research subject needed to be wrapped from head to toe so they could show emotions such as anxiety. [At first] I refused, but he convinced me that it was totally safe,” @m_fikris wrote.

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