Survey on acceptance in Indonesia gives hopes to LGBT community

A recent survey about homosexuality acceptance in Indonesia has given gay and human rights activists some hope for a future where the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community could live without fear of persecution.

United States-based Pew Research Institute polled 38,426 respondents across 34 countries from May to October last year and found that 9 per cent of Indonesians agreed that homosexuality should be accepted by society, an increase from only 3 per cent in 2013.

Despite the low figure, prominent LGBT activist Hartoyo remains optimistic, seeing the growth from 2013 as a sign that those supporting LGBT people had not remained quiet.

“Even though the number is still small, I strongly believe that they are changemakers,” he told The Jakarta Post on Friday.

“I am very optimistic because there are no fundamental reasons to reject the existence of the LGBT community as human beings,” he said, citing the global movement in supporting LGBT people as a supporting factor.

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