Taiwan deports Chinese tourist who tore down Hong Kong posters

Taiwan has expelled a mainland Chinese citizen for removing posters supporting the Hong Kong protests and banned the man from entering the island for 5 years.

The man, named Li Shaodong, peeled off pro-Hong Kong protests posters from a “Lennon Wall” at the National Taiwan University in Taipei, Taiwan’s immigration department said on Wednesday.

Lennon Walls have sprung up at several sites on the island, mostly featuring messages of support for the Hong Kong protests, but they have also become flashpoints – with several clashes between supporters and opponents of the movement.

Taipei police appealed to the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office after Li, who came to the island on a tourist permit, removed posters at the campus on Monday morning.

Prosecutors decided the next day to fine him NT$3,000 (S$134) and deport him for violating the terms of his visa.

Li has already paid the fine and the National Taiwan University said it would not appeal against the decision, according to local news reports.

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