Thai waitresses fined for serving customers in ‘naked’ apron uniforms

Some people like their salads dressed and others like their waitresses undressed. 

A Facebook video posted on Nov 16 went viral after it showcased four waitresses serving customers wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and aprons.

The clip has been viewed over 17,000 times by Friday evening (Nov 22).

The curvaceous quartet, aged between 24 and 34, were allegedly paid over 10,000 baht (S$450) to help promote a Bangkok restaurant during its dinner service for a one-day event on Nov 14, reported Sanook.

Prior to their shift, the women all made sure to don stick-on bras to prevent any accidental flashing.

Even with the extra prep, their aprons were barely able to contain their surgically enhanced busts due to the sheer size. They ended up looking far more inappropriate than the models had intended.

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