Thailand gold heist suspect claims ‘financial difficulties’ compelled him to commit alleged crime

The lone man allegedly involved in the gold heist and murder of three people in Lopburi province reportedly said his alleged crimes were motivated by the financial difficulties he was facing.

At a press conference held by the Royal Thai Police at 10.40am on Thursday, suspect Prasittichai Khaokaew spoke through a phone-in system.

Previously, the suspect had told the police that he wanted to be killed by the police force because he was having personal problems and he had robbed the gold shop only to draw the attention of the authorities.

Police recently found that the gold robbed from the shop hidden in the house of the suspect’s wife, contradicting his previous confession that he had thrown all the gold in the river since he had no interest in it.

He also reportedly claimed that the gunshots he fired during the robbery were aimed at scaring people away from the gold shelves so that he could take it easily but he unintentionally shot a two-year-old child in the process. 

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