The future of Sony’s consoles: Here’s a brief once-over on the PlayStation 5

What’s there to say about the PS5?

After seven long years, it seems our trusty PlayStation 4 consoles will finally be getting a well-deserved break as our shelves make way for the PlayStation 5.

It’s been just over three weeks since Sony made their big reveal, and the community has indeed had a field day discussing every aspect of it.

From the hardware to the console exclusives, and even the design (which has proved to be somewhat…divisive), the PS5 certainly has its work cut out for it when it arrives during the holiday season.

But what exactly about it have people been talking about for the past few weeks? Let’s have a look.

Size does matter. A lot.
PHOTO: UnsplashIf you cast your mind back to two weeks ago, you might recall that the entire Internet was laughing itself silly over Sony’s departure from traditional black box consoles.

More specifically, they poked fun at the absolutely meme-able appearance of the PS5.

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