The left-handed edition of Razer’s Naga MMO gaming mouse is coming back in 2020

Razer is bringing back its left-handed edition of the Naga MMO gaming mouse.

The company once made a left-handed version of the Naga Trinity, but it hasn’t been available from retail channels for a while, probably owing to the fact that southpaws still make up a small portion of the gaming populace.

If you’re a left-hander though, there’s good news, because the left-handed Naga is returning in 2020.

According to a Facebook post by Razer CEO Tan Min-Liang last year, Razer has shipped thousands of units of left-handed mice over the past six years, roughly the same number of right-handed mice that it ships in a single day. The disparity is stark, and the lack of volume means that producing a left-handed mouse is a costly venture for Razer.

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