The pros and cons of streaming services

Let’s admit it; streaming services have made this year bearable. While we’ve weaved them into our daily lives, we should also acknowledge the pros and cons that streaming services bring to our big picture. Read on!

As always, technology continues to shape the way we consume content.

So much HD content is now available at our fingertips; a luxury that veteran internet users will value after years of rummaging the internet for reliable and trustworthy streaming websites but ending up with some questionable pop-ups. Much relate?

In a scenario such as the lockdown, the presence of streaming services has undeniably been a blessing.

As we continue to mostly live an indoors-y life out of necessity, TV series and movies have become our easy escape out of our limiting four walls.

While we should feel privileged to have such easy access to good content, we should also identify the ways in which streaming services have impacted our lives.

Let’s weigh the pros and cons. Ready? Action!

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