This alarm clock can wake you up with the smell of coffee, cookies, juice

Entrepreneurs have been changing people’s lives with their fantastic technologies all the time.

Here comes an alarm clock called SensorWake Trio, which can wake you up with smells such as freshly brewed coffee, warm cookies, and orange juice.

The clock works by first activating the selected scent and one minute later, a pattern of lights are triggered on its face.

In case the wafting smell didn’t wake you up, it will play a gentle melody, say the device’s founders on their Kickstarter page.

Currently, one cannot customise the wake-up audio but can choose a smell from 10 smell capsules.

Each capsule offers 30 wake-up calls and one can change capsules to switch morning aromas from day to day.

And the concept appears to be a hit with the public, for the project received full funding of S$40,000 within three hours.

Let’s hope we’ll be able to get our hands on one of the alarm clocks soon.

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