This atas Peranakan ‘cai png’ is so good, you can forget about your keto diet

Get Out!! is a bi-weekly video series where our hosts go out and discover new things around Singapore.

This week, Le En and Marcus visit Belimbing Superstar where they get their fill of authentic Peranakan cuisine from a true-blue Baba himself. 

Come noontime, the humble cai png (economic rice) stall never fails to attract a snaking queue of hangry people wanting a warm and affordable meal to get them through the rest of the day.

While requests for “less rice” or even “no rice” are common because of the low-carb diet fad, here’s one place that’ll have you begging for a second helping of grains due to how good their dishes are.

Introducing Belimbing Superstar — one of the most expensive ‘cai png’ eateries in Singapore with a Peranakan twist that has been capturing stomachs (and hearts) since August 2019.

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