This Japanese Instagram account posts pictures of gorgeous, hunger-inducing rice bowls

Rice and meat: the cornerstone meal of every respectable Asian household (unless they’re vegan or vegetarian). There’s a reason why the culinary combo has been a staple for eons in this part of the world — comfort food that’s dead easy to prepare and satisfying to boot. 

But out of the entire Asian region, it’s arguable that the Japanese have managed to master the art of rice bowls dishes. Donburi has been a quintessential part of Japanese cuisine that could be as simple as grilled eel on a bed of rice or as elaborate as torched mentaiko and sous-vide Wagyu beef cuts perched on Akitakomachi grains. 

These rice bowls, my friends, straddle the world between the homely and the atas. But hot damn, do they all look fine as hell. 

Instagram page has only one job, and it does it well — serving drool-worthy pictures of succulent donburi that look uncomplicated yet exquisite. The point I’m trying to put forth here is that be prepared to be very hungry looking at the posts. 

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