Till wealth do us part: Thai man flees from wife after winning $270,000 lottery

Money is a tricky thing — it can bring couples together or cause lovebirds to split.

A Thai man recently fled from his wife after the couple won 6 million baht (S$270,000) in the lottery.

But not before taking the winning ticket along with him, of course.

Pornthida Chamnanwet, 23, filed a police report on Nov 17 after her husband Wijak Wannaprasit, 34, ran off with the ticket.

She had picked the lottery ticket that won first prize in a lottery draw on Nov 16.

The couple then recorded their win at a police station near Bangkok, signed their names on the lottery ticket and took a photo with it.

PHOTO: Daily News

They had agreed to split the winnings equally, Pornthida said, and had ideas on how they would spend the prize money.

But their joy was short-lived.

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