Tokyo university fires professor over ‘will not hire Chinese’ tweet

The University of Tokyo has sacked an associate professor over a series of anti-Chinese comments he posted on Twitter last year, triggering a heated debate online.

Shohei Ohsawa, an artificial intelligence (AI) researcher, “grossly damaged the honour and reputation” of the state-run university, it said in a Wednesday statement.

The 32-year-old, who runs blockchain and AI development company Daisy Co, tweeted between November and December that his firm “will not hire Chinese”.

“I will not bother to hold an interview if [I learn the applicant is] Chinese. I will eliminate the applicant in document screening,” he wrote, adding: “Workers with low performance levels deserve to be discriminated against in the context of capitalism.”

Ohsawa had also tweeted that “lower-class citizens who do not understand Japanese” were speaking out against him.

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