Tourist dies taking ‘selfie’ near Bali after fall off cliff into sea

A Chinese tourist died after falling from a cliff attempting to take a “selfie” in Nusa Lembongan, a little island southeast of Bali in Indonesia.

Liang Wanchang, 46, was on top of the cliff and taking a photo of himself at a site called Devil’s Tears at 2.30pm on Sunday with the ocean in the background when a strong wave hit him. Liang lost his balance and fell into the sea, The Jakarta Post reported.

Commander Ketut Suastika, the chief of Nusa Penida Police, said that strong waves hindered rescue efforts, but the victim’s body was later found.

“People in the area strived to help him, but strong waves hampered their efforts,” Suastika said.

The victim was brought to Nusa Penida 1 Community Health Center where a doctor declared him dead. The body was sent to the morgue at Sanglah Hospital for an autopsy.

A similar incident happened earlier this year in March when two Chinese tourists fell from a five-meter high cliff at Devil’s Tears while trying to take selfies. In May 2015, A Singaporean man was also killed after losing his balance while taking a selfie.

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