Transcript: A weird confrontation between a resident and a stranger who peed outside his flat

Before we get into things proper, we just want to make it clear that we’re not passing judgement without knowing the full story and context behind this viral argument. 

And it’s a weird one, too. On Monday (May 25), a man posted on the SG Covidiots Facebook page that he saw a stranger loitering outside his HDB flat early in the morning. 

A confrontation ensued, and we get to see, via recorded footage, what they squabbled about. We don’t know who the stranger is and why he chose to skulk on that particular floor of the Klang Lane block, but the argument revolved around urine, smoking, throwing water, and emergencies. 

No brute force involved here, just lots of raised voices and a very confused resident who could not believe that a masked man with a mullet was offended at being filmed after he just took a piss right outside residential homes. According to the resident, the stranger made a run for it when he made a call to the cops. 

What do you think?

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