Two boys in US develop rare meningitis after chickenpox vaccine reactivates

According to a recent American study published in the journal, Pediatrics, two 14-year-old boys had developed meningitis from receiving a chickenpox vaccine.

One of the boys had a history of leukaemia, and temporary symptoms included numbness and slurred speech.

The other boy, however, was reported to be healthy previously.

Both boys, however, were given the recommended dosage. 

Doctors have described it to be the first known case of meningitis from reactivation of the chickenpox vaccine: the varicella vaccine. 

Over 50 million doses have been distributed so far, according to study author Dr Whitney Harrington, a paediatric infectious disease physician at Seattle Children’s Hospital. 


Based on previous cases in the report, children who developed meningitis was linked to the vaccine-Oka varicella-having received only one dose.

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