US academic expelled by Singapore now working in Beijing

The China-born American academic expelled from Singapore two years ago over accusations he tried to influence foreign policy for an unknown government is now a professor in Beijing – and says he has “no hard feelings” against the Lion City.

Huang Jing, who is permanently banned from Singapore, said he spent a year in Washington DC after parting ways with the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) at the National University of Singapore, to “prove” himself.

“I worked the whole year in Washington DC, my home, to show that I am not what Singapore implied I am. Right now Singapore has not clarified which foreign country I work with so I wanted to show that at least the US doesn’t think I am working for whoever,” he told the South China Morning Post on Monday, on the sidelines of a forum to mark the 45th anniversary of Malaysia-China ties.

Huang, who is the dean of the Institute of International and Regional Studies at Beijing Language and Culture University, added: “I don’t have any hard feelings against Singapore. I think they overplayed their hand for whatever reason, but Singapore has treated me very well.”

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