Using Face ID? Get iOS 13.5 now to unlock your iPhone faster while wearing a mask

Apple’s iOS 13.5 is on its way out. The mobile operating system update comes with a host of minor upgrades and two key health-related features to help with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

When wearing a face mask, iPhone and iPad users with Face ID enabled can now immediately enter their password when unlocking their mobile device.

Previously, there was a slight delay when the facial recognition software needed to fail at unlocking before offering the passcode alternative to users.

What makes this feature handy is that Face ID still works, so there’s no extra settings to go back to using Face ID to unlock your phone.

Here is a sample of how the unlocking feature works by an app developer on Twitter.

Additionally, Apple introduces its important Covid-19 contact tracing technology, which was done in partnership with Google.

iOS 13.5 comes with an Exposure Notification API for health officials and governments who are developing contact tracing tools to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in their respective domains.

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