Widow’s life savings of nearly $55k wiped out by Indian scammers via Viber call

An elderly woman has had her life savings wiped out in less than an hour after falling prey to a scammer.

According to her daughter Labina Fariah, she is left with only $99 to her name. 

In a Facebook post on Tuesday (Jan 14), Labina spoke of the ordeal that began the day before, when her mother picked up an unknown call via the messaging app Viber.

Claiming to be a representative from DBS Bank, the male stranger told her mother that her account was being hacked, and he would require her bank card number and her Internet banking details, including her user ID and password.

Labina explained that her mother fell for the scam as she was indeed having issues with her online banking app and assumed that the caller would handle the matter. Her mother expressed her suspicion about a DBS employee calling through Viber instead of her phone number, but the scammer managed to brush it off. 

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