Wireless charging: Should you ditch your regular charger and switch to wireless?

Wireless technology is the new buzz these days. With products from speakers to kitchen appliances featuring wireless tech, the future definitely looks to become wire free. But whilst many of such technologies have been readily adopted by the masses (i.e. wireless earbuds), some struggle to gain a footing.

Are you ready to switch to wireless charging?


Wireless charging for mobile phones have existed for the past 6 years, yet the uptake on the technology is crawling. This is largely due to the lack of improvement wireless charging can provide over a normal wired charger. When one thinks of wireless charging, the image is of you being able to walk around freely with your phone in hand within an area while it charges. Yet, the current state of wireless charging still requires the phone to be leashed to the charging pad, negating the purpose it sought to bring.

What do you think?

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