Work, video calls and TikTok challenges: Here’s how I put the Samsung Z Flip smartphone to the test

Clamshell phones were the phones to have back in the days before smartphones came into existence — there’s just something cool about flicking ’em open. 

In recent years, clamshell phones have evolved since the re-emerg of foldable phones. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip isn’t like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which unfolds into a tablet. Instead, it opens up into a 6.7-inch display, a modernised version of clamshell phones of yore, now packed with super cool features to boot. 

While the Mirror Purple and Mirror Black variants dropped earlier this year in February, the Mirror Gold colourway releases this month — and it looks like it could be the next it phone that’ll make constant cameos in our Instagram feeds. It’s that elegant. 

I was given the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in Mirror Gold to try for a day, and here are some things I could effortlessly do on it. 

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