Worth queuing for: Afuri Ramen at Funan mall

Ramen aficionados will be delighted to know that the popular Japanese ramen chain Afuri Ramen has finally opened their first outlet in Singapore at the revamped Funan mall.

The brand is brought in by Japan Food Holdings, which also owns the Ajisen Ramen chain and Menya Musashi brand. 

Afuri’s claim to fame is their signature yuzu-flavoured ramen. Yuzu is a small citrus fruit native to Asia. While yuzu-flavoured drinks are pretty popular in Singapore, yuzu-flavoured ramen is much less common.

When I first heard about Afuri, I was intrigued by the unusual pairing and eager to find out how the fruity punch of yuzu would pair with savoury noodles.

Photo: AsiaOne

It seems like the rest of Singapore is curious as well. Immediately after their opening on June 28, the queues have been snaking. But is it really worth the hype?

What do you think?

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