WP’s Jamus Lim and PAP’s Vivian Balakrishnan win over the internet after their GE2020 debate performances

Jamus Lim of the Workers’ Party (WP) may have been the youngest politician sitting at the table of this general election’s first televised debate, but he emerged as one of the most impressive if we’re to assess the social media chatter.

The 44-year-old candidate contesting in Sengkang GRC carried himself well in the live debate yesterday evening (July 1), even in the face of seasoned debater Dr Vivian Balakrishnan. Across social media, the man has been hailed as someone who needs to be ushered into Parliament for his eloquence and intelligence. 

As for Dr Balakrishnan, the Minister for Foreign Affairs also scored tons of brownie points online for his composure under the keen queries fielded by the opposition. 

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