Xiaxue locks access to her Twitter and blog but you can pay her $276 for a personal shout-out

Ever since she criticised Sengkang MP Raeesah Khan during the recent general election, netizens mobilised to take Xiaxue to task for her long career filled with provocative commentaries and contentious takes on social affairs. 

After the internet hit the influencer where it hurt most — her brand sponsorships — the 36-year-old responded by lowering the shades on her influence by locking access to her blog and Twitter account. She has also filed for a protection order and harassment suit against the parties who sought out to “cancel” her, reported Mothership. 

Be that as it may, but she’s still open to jobs on Authentic Celebrity Experiences (ACE), a new Cameo-like service for the Asian market. If brands are starting to ditch her, she can still earn some money directly from her loyal fanbase. 

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