YouTuber who married friend’s mum for an elaborate video stunt is getting a divorce

How far would you go to a prove a friend wrong?

For US YouTuber David Dobrik, he’d go as far as marrying his best friend’s mother just to prove that he can indeed “find love”. Back in May, Dobrik, 22, posted a video on YouTube titled “I MARRIED MY BEST FRIENDS MOM!! (PROPOSAL)”. In the video, Dobrik detailed how a conversation with his best friend, fellow YouTuber Jason Nash, 46, led Dobrik to propose to Nash’s mother Lorraine.

In the video, Dobrik was heard asking Jason about how he feels that his children seemed to like his ex-wife’s boyfriend more than him. Jason retaliated by saying, “It’s funny to think that you’ll never have an ex-wife because no one would (expletive) marry you ever.”

Three hours after the conversation, Dobrik flew to Boston where Lorraine is based to ask for her hand in marriage. Dobrik explained that he wanted to be Jason’s stepfather and Lorraine agreed that the stunt would be “hysterical”.

Moments later, Dobrik and Lorraine were married in Las Vegas. Then, Dobrik showed off his marriage certificate to Jason and called him “my son”. The video was posted in May and it has accumulated more than 7.8 million views.

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