YouTuber who pranked transwomen with garbage-filled ‘aid’ packages freed, settles case with victims

YouTube vlogger Ferdian Paleka and two of his friends were released from prison on Thursday after being detained for less than one month for posting a controversial video showing them pulling a “prank” by giving fake staple food donations in the form of boxes containing garbage to transwomen.

The trio’s lawyer, Rohman Hidayat, said the case was settled on May 19 with the transwomen victims, who initially reported Ferdian and his friends to the police on May 1.

The victims had also retracted the report and dropped all legal proceedings, the lawyer said.

“We thank all parties, including the transwomen, who are willing to revoke the charges and bury the hatchet with the suspects,” Rohman told on Thursday. “The victims also came here earlier and we shook hands, so the problem is over.”

He had also advised the perpetrators’ parents to ensure that their children do not repeat the same offence.

The Bandung Police’s Criminal Investigation Unit head Galih Indragiri also confirmed that the case had been closed.

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